Policy Issues

Healthy Forests

  • Fighting for more funding for our firefighters to better manage our Forests
  • Advocating for healthy Forests, urging better management of our overgrown forests to avoid catastrophic wildfires

Clean & Reliable Water Supply

  • Promotes funding for a safe, clean and reliable water supply
  • Fights for new surface storage so California can better manage its water during droughts

Protecting Education Funding

  • Protecting California’s Career Technical Education program, promoting jobs that put students to work

A Voice for Public Safety

  • Continually supports funding for small, overextended rural law enforcement agencies
  • Opposing policies that would jeopardize the safety of our communities by putting criminals back on our streets

Increased Access to Health Care

  • Work with locals to increase access to rural medical services
  • Fights for increased access and funding to health care services

A Voice for Veterans

  • Champion for veteran issues; increasing services for Veterans

A Champion for the Taxpayer

  • Defend our way of life and protect taxpayers from Sacramento’s out-of-control spending.
  • Support economic policies that create jobs and builds a stronger economy
  • Proud to help the fight against the $52 million gas tax increase