Dear Friends,

Two years ago, you put your trust in me to protect taxpayers from Sacramento’s out-of-control spending and to defend our way of life. Looking back on my first term as your Assemblyman, it’s clear there are many problems left to solve. 

That’s why I’m once again asking for your trust to continue our fight for a stronger economy and a smaller state government with a meaningful rainy day reserve.

By now it’s clear that the politicians’ budget priorities this year include spending away our state surplus – and your tax dollars – on social programs that won’t create one job in California let alone our community. Our region’s unemployment rate is higher than the rest of California and we must do something about the 22,000 neighbors without work in our community.

To do that, I’ll continue to work to end partisan gridlock by working with both Democrats and Republicans on policies that not only create new jobs, but also keep and retain the ones we have from being lost to states like Texas and Nevada.

Like you, I’m tired of reading news stories about local companies closing their doors or laying off workers. We’ll create those jobs by reducing regulations that stifle construction projects in our community, and we’ll keep them by reducing the cost of doing business in California. 

I’d be honored with your trust and your vote to continue our fight for local jobs, lower taxes, a smaller, more efficient state government, and to end partisan gridlock.


Frank Bigelow



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